Cyclone S RockBuster

Angle grinder, pneumatic machine
Concrete, engineered stone, granite, marble, ultra-compact
Wet or dry

Eliminate dust…with the ROCKBUSTER resin cup wheel! Diamax has finally created a tool that can get rid of silicon carbide grinding wheels.

  • Eliminates dust and workplace hazards
  • NEW radius edge design replicates the most common shape for silicon carbide wheels using a dresser handle
  • 30/50 grit are aggressive enough for rapid stock removal with minimal effort
  • 100/200 grit work great for clean up on seams or miters. They also perform very well on ultra compact materials
  •  10mm radius allows usage for tight sink radius work
  • Aluminum body makes this cup wheel light
  • Use wet or dry
ITEM # SIZE Grit Fitting Body RPM
PDRX4030 4” 30 5/8″-11 thread, aluminum 5,000
PDRX4050 4” 50 5/8″-11 thread, aluminum 5,000
PDRX4100 4” 100 5/8″-11 thread, aluminum 5,000
PDRX4200 4” 200 5/8″-11 thread, aluminum 5,000