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Diamax Industries, Inc. facilitates the growth of diamond tool distributors by supplying their needs immediately with the most reliable products available. The first company in the industry to sell ultra-high performance tools at a mid-range cost, Diamax manufactures, imports and wholesales diamond tooling for use in the stone countertop fabrication and tile industries. Their long-standing relationships with multiple manufacturers overseas allow them to continuously develop and source the best products for tool distributors all over the world. Same-day shipping and a return ratio of less than 1% over the life of the company is Diamax’s ongoing mission.


Diamax was started by brothers Justin and Simon Hong in Atlanta, Georgia, after Justin’s travels around the United States found a need for high-performance tools at a mid-range cost. Many of the small-town fabrication shops were surprised to see an Asian person in their town, but when Justin demonstrated how Diamax tools performed, business and personal relationships quickly formed.

The brothers slowly started to build a brand around innovative diamond tools that the industry had never seen before: Cyclone. They introduced the Cyclone Turbo Blade to the industry that cut faster than the premium blades—at half the cost. They also introduced Dryflex, which pioneered polishing onsite with dry polishing disks.

Justin continued to generate business around the Cyclone brand with products that gained a reputation for quality and dependability, while Simon managed the administration side of the business. The brothers continuously worked with manufacturers overseas to help them develop innovative products.

Business was taking off, and the brothers decided to shift away from retail entirely, instead focusing their sales toward distributors—who quickly realized they could keep lower inventories and buy only what they needed in the short term when buying from Diamax. Because of this and the fact that the Diamax products were almost never returned, the Cyclone and Diamax brands slowly became one of the most recognized in the industry.

Since opening Diamax Korea in 2010—as the manufacturing arm for Diamax Industries Inc., USA.—they’ve expanded floor space to three times its original size to keep up with the growing demand. And to meet the needs of future growth, Diamax Korea has invested in a three-story factory, which will be operational by October 2020. This new factory will increase production, expand offerings and continue their goal of exceeding expectations with products that are innovative and groundbreaking.

Justin still manages sales and Simon still runs the business, but they have more people dedicated to sales, customer service and management to help as the business continues to grow. The company also continues to develop innovative products—like the first dry cutting blade that never heats up.

What started as one man’s vision has transformed into an international brand, and the principles that Diamax was founded on still remain: To supply the industry with dependable tools that make the job faster and easier at prices below the historically premium brands.

Currently, we are not actively pursuing new distributors in the US. We can provide our distributors with tremendous support in growing their companies including advertising, marketing, trade show assistance, etc. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact Diamax by phone or e-mail. 404-817-3232

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